Environmental, Social, and Governance


Conservation and energy efficiency:

Climate change is a very real problem that affect us all. To reduce the effects of harmful greenhouse gasses, Capital City Bank has committed to protect our environment through the use of conservation and energy efficiency efforts. As of December 2020, these efforts include:

  • Programming all HVAC systems company-wide to operate during business hours only.
  • Converting one-third of our buildings to LED exterior lighting and converting all buildings by 2025.
  • Converting 100% of exterior signage to LED lighting.
  • Installing occupancy sensors throughout our footprint to reduce energy consumption
  • Increasing the use of digital document storage, retaining only legally required documents on paper.
  • Aggressively encouraging our clients to choose electronic notices and statements, reducing paper consumption and transportation-related emissions.
  • Purchasing an electric vehicle for courier routes
  • Matching 100% of our electricity use with Renewable Energy Certificates.

Sustainable Investing

Returns don’t have to come at a negative social and environmental cost. Capital City Bank Wealth Management can provide environmental, social and governance sustainable investing (ESG SI) strategies that still seek to grow capital for our clients while considering potential societal impact. Choosing portfolios that pursue economic benefits of transformational change and exposure to socially and economically innovative companies benefit both the investor and society as a whole.  These portfolios take a broader approach to evaluating risk over a long-term horizon by evaluating a company's environmental, social, and governance risks, in addition to traditional financial risks.